Friday, March 29, 2013

Home for Love by Aneesa Price

Book Description

Seven years ago sexy Bree fled Devil's Peak, Alaska, disillusioned with her high school romance and with a baby in her belly. Now, she's back and seeing devilishly handsome Todd again challenges her carefully constructed plans for amicable co-parenting.
Todd's delight at Bree's return swiftly turns to disgust when he discovers her secret and he vows to keep her at arm's length. Upon discovering the context behind her secreting their child, he decides to give their daughter the love and stable family home he never knew. Despite her attraction to Todd, Bree has no interest in rekindling their relationship and is focused on settling into the town.
But the town and its match-making busy-bodies are not willing to allow the lovers to remain apart and test their resolve in a series of planned misadventures.
Bree is home for good but will she be home for love?

My Review

This story is a wonderfully written love story that will warm your heart. Bree decides to return home with her daughter in tow after taking off years ago and leaving her then sweetheart Todd in the dark. She returns and surprises him with the news of the child she has kept a secret from him all these years. Emotions are high but these two characters work together to create a warm family atmosphere for their daughter. At the same time old feelings are rekindled and romance ensues. They slowly work through their insecurities and let the past go and work together to rebuild their relationship in the here and now. I loved these characters and their responses and actions show humanity at it's best. I also loved there that there was no love triangle which seems to have become a cliche in romance novels. It's an honest emotional love story and I suggest everyone reads it!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tea with the Book Nerd: A Night of Wickedness by JD Nelson.

Tea with the Book Nerd: A Night of Wickedness by JD Nelson.:                                    Tea with the Book Nerd                                              A Night of Wickednes...

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Release from VJ Dunraven

Book Description

Do you believe in Destiny?

Elizabeth Hamilton certainly did not--until she met the dashing Prince William Erik XIV. The handsome, but arrogant Prince pursues her in spite of the disparity in their social status. Against her better judgement, she finds that she cannot resist falling for him. Then, just when she thought he sincerely cared for her, the secret of her identity unravels along with the discovery of his real intent, plunging her life into a dimension beyond her comprehension. Disoriented and heartbroken, Elizabeth is desperate to know the truth. Does he truly love her--or did he simply woo her out of the dire need to accomplish an inevitable royal obligation?

Prince William Erik XIV, sole heir to the throne of the Highest Royal Coven of Europe, has a crucial agenda. He has been searching for his Twin Flame, so that together, they can fulfill their destiny. The Prince had everything under control--until he met Elizabeth Hamilton, and discovered she was nothing like the one he had envisioned and waited for, for over a hundred years.


Elizabeth Hamilton doesn't think of herself as anything special. She is just an average teenager, hangs out with friends, gets excited about school events, and is frustrated with her mother. Until a mysterious, branding shows up on the back of her neck and her world is flipped upside down. For the umpteenth time, Elizabeth is forced to attend a new school for reasons she doesn't understand. Her concerns of being accepted, making new friends, and managing old relationships soon becomes the least of her worries. She doesn't have any interest in finding love and doesn't believe in destiny, but as situations unfold and chaos surrounds her, Elizabeth quickly learns she isn't in control.
The character of Elizabeth is lovable and you will be able to relate to her. Elizabeth's friends are loyal, understanding, and humorous, qualities everyone searches for in friendship. The love triangle is believable, as a reader, I didn't know who was right for her since they each possessed such strong qualities. The relationship Elizabeth has with her mother is more than the average teen angst, but you learn that though her mother’s decisions didn't always seem practical they were always made out of love and protection for her child. All in all The Silver Eyed Prince is a fantastic read, it encompasses action, adventure, mystery, fantasy, romance, and is a story of coming of age. It left me satisfied but like any good story left me wanting more, wanting to know what other adventures lie ahead for our lovable protagonist.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another amazing addition to the Ruby Blue Series by Julie Cassar

Sky BLUE by Julie Cassar
I don't usually read YA books because they fail to keep me interested, however this is a series for young and old alike. The characters are sweet, fun, courageous, and keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next. The author draws you into her imaginary world with vivid descriptions and a wonderfully written story line. You'll find yourself wrapped into the adventure along with Ruby and her friends as they go up against a disturbed sky princess who longs for Brennan's affection. After all that's happened in the previous book Brennnan shows up as Ruby's bodyguard and she is NOT happy to have him shadow her during her senior year of high school.

 Things get complicated when Ruby's boyfriend sees her with Brennan and at the same time, Ruby is confused about her feelings for the two men in her life. Then to complicate matters more Katrina shows up at school and her intentions are obviously not well intended. She dislikes Ruby and enjoys causing her pain by openly flirting with not only Brennan but Nick as well.

The four friends (Ruby, Brennan, Anya, and Jeremy) embark on a journey to save Ruby's boyfriend, Nick, after Katrina kidnaps him in an attempt to sway Brennan and hurt Ruby at the same time. Ruby along with Anya and Brennan's help discovers she has new gifts as well.

Sky Blue is a thoroughly entertaining read with everything you could possibly want in a book and characters you can't help but love.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Image of Kathleen Brooks 

Kathleen Brooks is the best selling author of the Bluegrass Series. She has garnered attention as a new voice in romance with a warm Southern feel. Her books feature quirky small town characters you'll feel like you've known forever, romance, humor, and mystery all mixed into one perfect glass of sweet tea. Her fifth book, Rising Storm, made the USA Today Bestseller List for all books on August 30th, 2012 and Acquiring Trouble made the USA Today Bestseller List for all books on January 31, 2013.

Kathleen is an animal lover who supports rescue organizations and other non-profit organizations whose goals are to protect and save our four-legged family members.

Kathleen lives in Central Kentucky with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and a cat who thinks he's a dog. She loves to hear from readers and can be reached at

Bluegrass State of mind Great Read and free for Kindle

Secret Santa, A Bluegrass Series Novella also free for Kindle

I have read and enjoyed this series and highly recommend checking it out! Bluegrass State of Mind is the first book and what better time to try something new then when it's free:)

Tonight's the night! Literary Symposium launches its first episode with JD Nelson!
The show can be listened to via telephone, online streaming, or downloading for later. There will also be a chatroom for guests/fans to interact while the show airs live! Join us in the chat and ask some questions of your own. See you there! :)

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All Day Giveaway

Come play games in honor of my Tiffany Carmouche! There will be lots of games and prizes! The prize list so far includes ebooks, a print book, necklaces, gorgeous beaded bookmarks and plenty of swag! Invite your friends!

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Tori Scott's Hot New Release

Book Description

Bull rider Cooper Saunders has a shot at the PBR championship until a bull not only shatters his body and puts him in danger of never walking again, but it also tramples his spirit. Cooper is ready to give up on life, not wanting to be a burden on others, until his neighbors in Morris Springs, Texas, show him how much he has to live for.
Physical therapist Nancy Phillips is not about to let Cooper give up, not after she worked so hard to get him back in shape for the finals. Now she must not only help him find the will to live, but also give him the motivation to get out of that wheelchair. With the help of newly-orphaned Becky McCallum and Nancy's friends in Morris Springs, Nancy shows Cooper how much he still has to offer, to his family, the community, and to her.

The Bluest Eyes in Texas is Book Three in the Lone Star Cowboys series, with return appearances by many of the characters from Blame it on Texas and Blue Moon over Texas.

My Review 5 stars
Tori Scott does an amazing job telling this story. Cooper Saunders pro Bull rider for years and has taken numerous beatings to his body. Cooper is sent to his hometown of Morris Springs for rehab and recovery. Nancy if you've read the previous books moved to town a few years ago to be closer to her college friend. She's looking for a change in occupation. Nancy decides she want to do physical therapy. Cooper becomes one of her patients and the story progresses from there. Determined to return to bull riding, Cooper is stubborn and pushing hard to be ready to finish out the season. Nancy is attracted to him but tells herself he's not the man she's looking for , that he's too stubborn and focused on the rodeo to care about anything else. Cooper is intrigued by the sexy red headed therapist and they work together to get him ready to ride again. After being released he returns to the rodeo to finish out the season. Nancy decides to go to the rodeo in Vegas with her friends and Coopers parents. Determined to fight her attraction for Cooper she gives him the cold shoulder while at the rodeo and is determined to keep her distance until he is badly injured during his second ride. Cooper falls into a slump and basically gives up any chance at recovering again and feels he will be a burden to his family and friends, while Nancy is determined to get him on his feet again and not giving up on him. She pushes him and challenges him along the way and the sparks fly. This story is an emotional ride of courage, loss, determination and love. You feel the characters pains and triumphs, laugh and cry with them, and genuinely feel like part of their story. The Bluest Eyes in Texas is wonderfully written and will leave you wanting more. There are twists and turns and heartwarming surprises as well along the way. I can't wait until the next book in this series to see how these characters are moving forward in their new lives. Don't let this one pass by, grab you're copy today!


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New author in need of likes so lets help her out and show our Indie support! Her debut novel pictured here will be released March 8th and don't forget to join us for the release party over 80 prizes to be given during the two day event!


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Red Rover Release Extravaganza

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