Thursday, January 10, 2013

Neeley Bratchers debut Child's Proof

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Are you looking for a book you can't put down?

Or perhaps something fun and sexy with a murder mystery twist?

If so this is the book for you!

Victoria Childs hates her job at the Clerks office. One day due to her forgetfulness she finds herself

the only witness to a murder and suddenly shes a suspect/witness and her life is out of her control.

If you're looking for a book with a story that grabs you and sucks you in this one is for you . The

characters are fun, sweet and sparks fly when Detective Varner hits the scene. If you enjoy books

by Gemma Halliday you will definitely enjoy this series by Neeley Bratcher! Don't miss this fun

filled comedic murder mystery it's so worth reading and I know I was unable to put in down until

the end then had to buy the second book. Hope you enjoy it, I surely did! Happy Reading Folks : )

About the Author                

Neeley Bratcher has been called a "comic genius" by her unbelievably intelligent
mother! She has been called "Central Illinois' answer to Janet Evanovich" by a completely imaginary person! And her husband says, "I'm sure she's great!" (He doesn't read).

There have been no awards yet, unless you count the bathroom-mirror Oscar she got last night for Best Adapted Screenplay. She does, however, expect to win a Tony for her musical adaptation of the show "America's Funniest Home Videos." It's a series of random musical numbers, mostly 80's music, and a bunch of old people falling down, some farting babies, and a group of men getting kicked in the cojones.

She anxiously awaits feedback, good or bad, but any bad comments must be submitted on a fine, linen napkin and they have to smell like a very nice cologne.

Honestly, I try to keep things funny and light, with a hint of suspense, and an even bigger hint of some darn good nookie! Please feel free to like me on Facebook as I
do not have a website yet.

And coming soon to a Kindle near you, the sequel to Childs' Proof, Childs Abduction! (no apostrophe!)

Happiness is a great gift! If I can spread mine around a bit, then I've done my job!

You can find both books is this series on Amazon for Kindle
Child's Proof

Childs Abduction

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