Friday, February 22, 2013

Michelle Taylor's The Final Stage of Abuse

The FINAL Chapter Of ABUSE

About the Author
"The FINAL Chapter Of ABUSE' is my second book. These books are educational about abuse and dysfunctional families. Abuse comes in many forms, PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, VERBALLY, CONTROLLING, etc. I have endured all forms of abuse, and during my life I actually thought this was the way life was suppose to be. I hope all that either is in a dysfunctional family or in an abusive relationship can learn from my choices, and mistakes I have made during the coarse of my life. While writing these books, and doing speaking engagements and teaching others about abuse, and dysfunctional families. I have been so blessed that God has helped me teach so many, and help so many.This is an amazing book about the abuse I endured throughout my childhood and along with my adult hood with numerous husbands. This book is one you can learn from by learning from my mistakes of not feeling no self worth, no self value, and not believing in myself as I should for many years , not knowing God as I do today. I promise you will enjoy this book so get yours now. Always trust God and have the faith because God will bring you through any situation. As I walked out on faith, from being abused mentally, verbally and more God has blessed me in ways it would be so hard for anyone to believe. I have never seen so many doors open as they have opened since the day I walked out on faith. The day I walked out was one of the scariest days of my life, I had no home, no money, no where to live, no food, no gas in my car to go far, I had no idea where I was going, how I was going to eat, and on top of all these things happening in my life, my MS was acting up so badly, that I fell and my ear was bleeding, I was in such turmoil, with so many decisions. This book is MY FINAL CHAPTER OF ABUSE!


Michelle Taylor hasn't had any easy life. Like most, she has seen her fare share of struggles and strife. But, unlike so many, she has agreed to share her pain and suffering so that others, that might be going through the same situations can learn and take comfort from her words.

This is a diary into Michelle's heart, mind, soul, and life. If you need encouragement and feel like their is no hope for the situation you are in, please take the time and opportunity to read one woman's struggle with abuse and how she was finally able to put it all behind her. The Final Chapter of Abuse is a heart wrenching story that will make you laugh, cry, and want to help yourself stand up and say NO to whatever demon is lurking over your own shoulder.


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