Saturday, April 20, 2013

Forbidden Disclosure-Terri Marie


Book Blurb

Francesco Giordano wants to retire and turn over his shipping empire to his only son Daniel. But the young, gorgeous, and sexy Daniel is more interested in fast cars, the family jet, and bedding women.

When Francesco decides the best way to make his son grow up is to change his identity and move him away from his Manhattan penthouse, Daniel's world begins to rock.

Sent to a little town in Tennessee, stripped of his family name and all access to money, Daniel finds himself on a mission to prove to his father that he can make it. If he doesn't, he risks losing the family business and billions of dollars.

Country life isn't setting very well with the fast-paced New Yorker, until he meets the woman who stirs up every one of his senses. Katherine is beautiful, sassy, and has no intentions of hooking up with the new stranger in town. She leaves without a word. Will Daniel risk it all to find her?


This was a well written and highly entertaining story of a spoiled rich guy whose father forces him into the real world without all the glamour and money he's accustomed to. Daniel under the assumed named of John Williams is sent to the small town of Prairie, Tennessee to learn how to make it in the real world. Unhappy with his fathers decision to teach him a lesson Daniel is forced to work hard and quickly finds although life isn't easy that he never took the time to form binds and really appreciate life. He finds friendship is an employee who takes him in and love in a scared women afraid of being abandoned. Through his ups and downs of his new role in life Daniel finds what matters most in life isn't money,fast cars, or fast women, What matters is the bonds of friendship, family and using what you have to better others lives and help a community flourish again. This book is sweet, fun and fun of laughs and surprises. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

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