Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun and Quirky

My review
This is a fun story featuring Raelynn who moved to Honeysuckle Kentucky about a year ago with her now ex husband. On her own and starting a new life trouble seems to find her. Working in a store and trying to live her life she suddenly inherits a house from an elderly customer who has passed away. Raelynn is excited and has plans to turn the house into a hotel but her first night in the house she discovers a dead body in the backyard. Everyone in town suspects her of the crime except her gossip happy friend Claire and the sexy local sheriff. She turns to garage sales and thrift shops to decorate her new home turning other peoples trash into treasure. When town gossip causes Raelynn to lose her job at the store she is determined to keep her dreams of the hotel alive while doing some sleuthing of her own. She is attacked coming home from the fairgrounds and is dealing with a bitter new neighbor when she suddenly gets her first guest. Mr. Littlefield is strange and Raelynn is suspicious of him after everything that has happened in the small town lately. Add in her attraction to the sheriff who was once friends with her ex and the mayor's snooty wife and it adds up to one fun mystery. Rose Pressey has done it again looking forward to more of the Honeysuckle townsfolk!

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