Friday, September 28, 2012

How to Date a Demon by Rose Pressey

Match Made in Hell Rylie Cruz loves playing matchmaker. She even does it full-time at her matchmaking service, Get a Mate. Since she’s a werewolf, she feels that gives her expertise when dealing with the paranormal crowd.When Rylie’s best friend, Jennifer Matthews, asks her to set her up on a date, Rylie is hesitant. Jennifer hasn’t had luck in the dating department lately.But when a good-lucking man shows up looking for a date, Rylie thinks Jennifer might be his perfect match. The date turns to hell though when Jennifer displays outrageous mood swings and a new shocking fashion sense.When Jennifer disappears, Rylie fears the worst. Things get even stranger when a mysterious demon hunter shows up looking for Jennifer. He claims he wants to help Rylie find her friend. Rylie’s boyfriend, Jack Chandler, is trying to save Rylie from the demon hunter, but she isn’t sure she needs to be saved.Rylie has to find her friend before it’s too late and Jennifer’s swooped off for a staycation in hell.

My review

What happens when you're a werewolf dating a vampire and your best friend becomes processed by a demon? A laugh out loud fun and entertaining story. Rylie notices Jennifer is acting strange and dressing slutty and throwing herself at men. Concerned about her best friend she searches for answers consulting a voodoo priestess and a demon hunter and a soul collector for answers all while attempting to find and save her friend. All while Lily is annoying her about wedding plans and Cole the demon hunter following her around wanting to help Rylie. Can Rylie save her friend or is Jennifers soul doomed to hell? Great addition to an already popular series!

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